“Many Marketers Want You To Be Their Affiliates...Because They Know You Will Always Be At Their Mercy And Not Earning As Much As Them!”

Are You Worrying Yourself Sick Trying To Create A Product So You Won't Have To Depend On Your Merchant?

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         Every successful person or business out there basically has a product or products that made them rich. Richard Branson had Virgin Records, Bill Gates has Microsoft, Steve Jobs has Apple computers...and the list goes on.

I'm not asking you to start selling CDs, computer software or anything like that, but I am telling you to start creating a product that will pull in fresh wads of cash into your bank accounts like crazy.

If you've been marketing online for a while now you'd probably have noticed that everyone seems to be  involved in some form of affiliate marketing or another. If you're pretty new online, affiliate marketing basically is the marketing system of selling a merchant's goods from your site, then earning a commission out of the overall sale.

Before you think it sounds like a brilliant system or a godsend, the questions you will have to ask yourself are these:

   What if the merchant turns out nasty and offers way lesser commission than what was previously agreed?

   Will the merchant pack up his bags and go one day, or will he quit the business, leaving you without a valuable source of income?

   Can you trust your merchants to pay you in time, or will he delay payments and make things difficult for you?

This is the real dilemma most marketers face – Although affiliate marketing offers you a headstart by cutting out the process of actually creating a product, you are at the mercy of your merchants and  trust me, not all merchants are nice and honest to goodness folks!

At this point in time many people often ask me the same old questions:

   What sort of product do I create?

   How should I write the content? Should it be informal or formal?

   I don't have the time or resources, how do I go about doing it?

   Is there an easier and faster way to create more than one product at once?

Well here's some good news. Because I myself have been marketing products online for a while, I'm well familiar with the pains, trials and difficulties most new marketers like yourself have to face.

I knew those rehashed and unoriginal guides online weren't going to help novice and even intermediate marketers like yourself create solid, cash pulling products like hotcakes because in the first place...so what I did was spend time in research and trials, reviewing some of my previous products and studying where I succeeded and where I failed in the process of building my business.

Cut the long story short, after some tests and trials, I finally put together a detailed, step by step guide that would help anyone, be it a novice or a seasoned marketer – easily create profitable and cash-pulling products like gangbusters!


Unlike tons of product creation fluff floating around the net nowadays, this guide offers a practical, straight forward and no B.S method of how anyone, I.T genius or technological idiot can create not just one but multiple, quality online products on the fly!

  • Tactics and strategies/secrets that you will learn along the way include:

  • The step-by-step system of market research that will unearth gems of niches worth thousands!

  • Powerful and mainly free tools to make your niche research so simple you can do it with eyes closed!

  • Why digital products are so easier to promote and profit from than physical ones

  • Easily tapping into the most lucrative of all digital products to promote

  • Creating a smoking hot, content-dripping eBook from scratch that has people scrambling over each other to get their hands on!

  • Two forms of products that will capture your target audiences more effectively any day compared to the eBook

  • Earning a massive killing from audio eBooks even if you suck at anything audio!

  • How online seminars will turn out to be your greatest cash cow ever!

  • The little known methods of maximizing video marketing for a massive flood of hungry buyers

  • Finding the right price for your product so it doesn't turn your customers off or cause you to make massive losses!

And much, much more!

This is the part where all those other rubbish eBooks and guides smack you with some promise that you'll become a millionaire in 2-3 days or their secret system was stolen from Google and you'd have to buy it before they take it offline altogether.

Pretty laughable isn't it? Well, this guide isn't going to make you a millionaire in 2-3 days nor is it some secret underground 'black hat' technique.

What this guide will do for you though, is place in your hands the power to effectively create multiple products with such ease that you wouldn't believe your own eyes how fast and simple product creation is.

And no doubt, many gurus and experts tote theirs as the most interesting, most underground, most stealth-like, blah blah blah.

And my competitors slap crazy prices on their guides. $97, $77, I mean, are struggling marketers going to be able to afford that same amount?

Just to make them vexed and keep my customers delighted, I'm going to offer this proven, detailed guide for a low introductory price of:

$77 only!  $57 only!  $37 only! 


I really want to make this the best deal that I can offer, so today, and for a limited time I am going to throw in two valuable bonuses for you.  You receive the FULL Master Resell Rights to this product, so you can turn around and sell it as your own!

The second bonus you receive today is The Master Guide To Product Creation as a glorious looking, interactive FLASH eBook!

Turn the pages just like a real book, easily bookmark your favorite parts, zoom in and out, it certainly beats the old boring PDF eBooks you see floating around!

So for a price of a cheap meal, the blueprint to churn out products worth hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars is all yours.

Furthermore , should you think this guide is utter rubbish after you've utilized the secrets inside, simply make use of my...


Why am I offering such fantastic information at such a low price you may ask?

It's simple – See I've been around for a while, and the secrets you're about to learn should be shared openly because I believe in fair competition.

I've since moved on from product creation and expanded my business into other areas but ultimately, it is up to you to follow the techniques and strategies outlined in The Master Guide To Product Creation if you do want to earn massive amounts of cash and live the life of your dreams.

BUT you have to take action now and follow The Master Guide To Product Creation religiously until you get the hang of this amazingly simple system...after which you can start thinking out of the box and apply these same principles for extra income in other areas. Capish?

My $19.97 introductory offer though is due to increase in a couple of days. I'm not sure when exactly but because close to a hundred people have already  gotten their copy of The Master Guide To Product Creation I may just increase the price suddenly in 2-3 days time. I don't know...

What I do know is that as the online market gets increasingly more competitive you'll have to make your moves fast, because you could be pretty much overtaken by a newbie in affiliate marketing, who could be overtaken by another newbie, who could be...you get the picture.

Right now, be the one making them do the hard work marketing your products while you sit back and relax just like the gurus do!


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